Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata

Download Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata Audio Mp3 Download

Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata Mp3 Download: Popularly talented singer Hamisu Breaker debuts a brand new single which was titled *Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata*. The new single is now available for free download in audio MP3 format on Hausasongs.com.

Hamisu Breaker is a Hausa singer whose name is widely known in Nigeria, especially in the North. His original name was Hamisu Sa’id Yusuf but he was better known as Hamisu Breaker and Breaker’s name originated when he was performing a dance style called breaking long before his birth as a musician.

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Download and Stream *Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata* Mp3 Below;
[goplayer audio=”https://hausasongs.com/gofiles/Hamisu_Breaker_-_Hamra_Yammata-Hamisu_Breaker.mp3″ name=”Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata” artist=”Hamisu Breaker”]

Download Hamisu Breaker – Hamra Yammata

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