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    Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Hausa Music and culture. We publish the latest and signed audio files from All Hausa Musicians of Nigerian Origin.

    Hausa Songs Blog is the world’s most reliable place for all Hausa Music whether old or new Hausa Songs and we write about your most favorite Hausa Musicians too. provides unique and original audio files signed and approved by the singers, we provide Hausa Music DJ mixes, Hausa Gospel songs as well as Hausa Party Music as we know it’s all part of what makes us happy as well as boosts the Hausa Music Industry.

    Our aim is to be the most Popular and most visited Hausa Music platform in the world as the Hausa Music Industry from our observation is often given less attention.

    As you visit our platform, be ready to read interesting publications from which would include;

    • News about Hausa Celebrities
    • Latest Songs and interviews from popular Hausa Musicians.
    • Musicians and their biographies
    • News about Album Launches
    • Latest Information about Hausa Music Industry
    • Tips on how to grow in Hausa Music Industry
    • Tutorials on how to grow your Hausa Music business.

    In Conclusion

    For us at Hausa Songs, we believe it is important for everyone to have a good platform to stream and download their favorite Hausa Music for free and without restrictions as well as receive credible and updates news and tips as regards Hausa Music and those making best efforts to ensure quality music gets to the people.